I’m back with another pointless argument. I’ve previously suggested that DC are deliberately releasing bad films, argued in favour of killing Iron Man and arrogantly picked Batman’s next villain. This time my scope is targeted at Video Game Adaptations. I believe they suck and nothing in modern cinema is going to change that. Yeah, I said it.

We’ve spoken about video game movie adaptations (VGM) maybe once before. Okay, twice. Three times, max. Okay, okay, we’re a bit obsessed.

Aren’t we all obsessed on some level? When you log over 3000 hours on an obscure game like Battlefield 2142 (true fact) when you were younger, gaming solidifies a special place in your heart.

Comic-book movies were to able to do it. They were converted from mediocre movies to mega-blockbusting-universe-building-goliath movies. Can’t the same happen for video games?

On the horizon at the start of 2016 were upcoming films like Warcraft and Assassin’s creed. If any year were to kick-start the video-game movie genre, 2016 was the one.

Except it wasn’t.

Follow me as I crush your dreams (and hopefully build them back up) for any great movie to be made based off a video game.

Resident Evil Is The Highest Grossing VGM

Technically, the single highest grossing film is Warcraft with a worldwide gross of $433,677,183.  However, the Resident Evil franchise has made a total of $951 million with the top earning film, Resident Evil: Afterlife making $296.2 million.

A franchise that most people have managed to avoid is currently sitting at number one for VGMs.

Let that sink in.

Isn’t that proof that it works? Resident Evil has collectively made nearly a billion dollars! If you compare that to the comic-book world, it pales in comparison. With The Avengers making $1.5 billion worldwide and the Marvel franchise pulling in $22 billion, it simply doesn’t compare.

Angry Birds Is The Best Received VGM

The money isn’t great, okay. But, money isn’t everything. There’s plenty of films people like that didn’t do well at the box office.

Valid point. Let’s take a look:

The highest rated VGM on RottonTomatoes is Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within with 44% and a close second of The Angry Birds Movie with 43%. The Angry Birds Movie was a joke, a very funny joke, but a joke nonetheless.

Similarly, the 1995 Mortal Kombat has a Metacritic rating of 58/100. What Mortal Kombat and The Angry Birds Movie have in common is that they both didn’t take themselves too seriously. Why is it that the films that don’t take the VGM genre serious have the highest ratings?

Looking at the higher budget attempts Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed, they achieved a rotten tomatoes score of 28% and 17% respectively. Considering their budgets, this is not the dizzying heights you’d expect.

VGM don’t make the money and aren’t received well critically. That will all change! Right?

The Future Isn’t Look Too Great Either

There are many lists of future VGMs out there, here is just a handful of films that are in the long pipeline to being made:

  • Angry Birds Sequel
  • Assassin’s Creed Sequel
  • Bioshock
  • Call of Duty
  • Splinter Cell
  • The Division
  • Gears of War
  • Halo
  • The Last of Us

Now, don’t get me wrong, plenty of them look exciting. I’m sure as hell excited. A lot of the same ingredients that had us excited for Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed are there, but the vital necessities of good directors and backing from a good studio are missing.

Video Games Are Great Already

The resolution I’ve come to is to remember that video games are already great.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say that going from a video game to a movie is a downgrade. Where else can you have narratives with multiple endings or the ability to circumnavigate a massive world in any direction you choose?

That’s just the single-player aspects. Movies entirely lack on multiplayer and co-operation. Movies can’t have you solving puzzles together like in Portal 2, or plan an intricate house invasion like in Rainbow Six.

Video games allow the player to make his or her own path though the game, and it allows people to share experiences together on multiplayer and co-op. The modern film simply cannot deliver that.

You Must Change The Game

For VGMs to ever be taken seriously, there needs to be a serious revamp of what modern cinema is.

Instead of video games changing to match the format of cinema, cinema should be the one to change.

We need more dynamic and interactive cinemas that better reflect the great experiences people enjoy every day online and off in their virtual worlds. Let’s put the controller back in our hands and enjoy video games the way they’re supposed to be enjoyed.

But that’s just my opinion, what do you guys think? Be sure to share your opinion in the comments below and to vote in our poll.

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