I’m back with another stupid opinion to add to my repertoire of incoherent nonsense. Last time, I attempted to solve a problem that didn’t exist by killing the beloved Iron Man. This time, I’m pointing my finger at DC and offering, what I stupidly think, a great suggestion for who I believe should be the next Batman villain. Join me as I embarrass myself and show my lack of knowledge once again . Yeah, I said it.

Hush is a relatively new character in the Batman 70 year lineage, the basic history he has is that he was the childhood friend of Bruce Wayne. Hush, Thomas Elliott, was also born into a wealthy family and also had his parents die at a young age #RichPeopleProblems. However, Bruce Wayne’s father Thomas Wayne was able to save Thomas’ mother. This sort of ruined Thomas Elliott’s plan of killing his parent (what a twist). Thomas wanted his parents dead so he could inherit their fortune and resented Bruce when his parents died (not cool).

Wrapped figuratively in crazy and literally in bandages, Thomas, who was a master plastic surgeon had the ability to stitch together new faces for himself and assume new identities. In the comics, he has crossed paths with Batman multiple plans attempting to bringing him down for his father saving his mother (sounds legit).

Obviously, I’ve butchered that, but you get the idea. Crazy man does crazy things and can change his face sometimes. And I think he is the ideal candidate to be the first villain in the upcoming solo Batman film. Here is why I think Hush should be the next Batman villain…

He was BOURNE to play this role (okay, I'll leave)
He was BOURNE to play this role (okay, I’ll leave)

…and be played by Matt Damon

Let’s get the Good Will Hunting duo back together. The popular casting for Matt Damon recently has been for him to play Robin to Ben Affleck’s Batman. Let’s get to two back together side-by-side fighting it out on the big screen. They’re both busy guys at the moment, but I feel this is the only big project the pair of them could work on together in the near-future.

Ben and Matt can easily bring together the rapport of being childhood friends and the playfulness that would come with that. They could play up a jealous nature and a hatred for one another. Not to mention how well these two would be at promoting the film together.

It would also be a great opportunity to have Matt Damon play the bad guy in film and not having to be saved for some ludicrous reason. This role could show audiences a different side to Matt Damon and have Hush become one of the iconic Batman villains for contemporary audiences.

If only MJ was still alive, he'd be perfect.
If only MJ was still alive, he’d be perfect.

The Man In The Mirror

Hush has the strange ability to operate on his own face and change his appearance to look like somebody else. This would be a great way to learn about Batman by facing him up against people from his past, such as now-dead Robin, and also facing himself.

If played as mystery, we have Batman attempting to identify the masked Hush only for it to be revealed that he looks like Robin, we can get an explanation, in the form of flashbacks, as to what happened to that Robin.

Alternatively, they could explore Batman himself. If they characterised Hush to be obsessed with Bruce Wayne and Batman and have him attempt to steal his identity, we would be given a chance to see the differences of the new Batman. For instances, Alfred would question how brutal the “new” Batman was behaviour only for it to be revealed that Hush had taken Batman’s identity. This would give audiences a sense of where the line is with Ben Affleck’s Batman.

You could always do with some more crazy.

First Live-Action Appearance

The Joker has been portrayed a million times, The Riddler, The Penguin and others have also been played out plenty of times. This is a new trilogy, so let it have new villains.

Let’s have Batman face off against a villain not commonly known by the average movie-goer. Instead, let’s leave them in the dark and have the learn a new history and a different style of insanity from the character of Hush.

With the next Batman film being the first of what is hopefully a trilogy, allowing for an almost disposable villain makes room for a Batman-centric storyline and a mirror-reflected villain.

Of course I loved the film, now please, put the Batarang away
Of course, I loved the film, now please, put the Batarang down.

An Underpopulated Movie

Some criticism of Batman V Superman and most superhero movies as of late is that they’re too overpopulated with characters. If the focus was on Batman’s investigation into Hush, we could get a simple story with tonnes of room to explore this new Batman.

We would have room to explain certain parts of Batman’s history that actually hasn’t been shown that much surprisingly. Such as, what did young Bruce Wayne do in his spare time growing up. The gap between Bruce’s parents being killed and his decision to become Batman hasn’t been explored on the screen (unless you count Gotham).

A lack of characters would force the director to pay attention, in full, to the new characters they did have. I believe someone as talented as Ben Affleck at directing would relish this opportunity. A real character study of the Cape Crusader.

Zack, could you please just hold my Oscar. It's quite heavy.
Zack, could you please just hold my Oscar. It’s quite heavy.

A Detective Story

When was the last time Batman solved an issue by not punching it? Batman has had a bad reputation for problem-solving, however, a villain like Hush could entice him to actually think.

The first mystery could be to discover the identity of Hush followed by why he has gotten into Batman’s way. If we had Batman find clues and attempt to piece together what is happening, we can follow alongside Batman and attempt to solve the mystery also.

Adding an element of thriller and mystery and stepping away from the heavy-handed action, we could get another tone added to the DC movies. Similarly how the Marvel films attempt to make a superhero version of a film genre (i.e. Captain America: Winter Soldier being a spy thriller as well as a superhero movie) DC could also do the same with theirs. Having the first Batman film be a crime thriller of sorts would really stand it out from all the superhero movies, including Marvels.

There you have it. That’s why I think Hush should be the next Batman villain. Do you agree with my view? Or think I’m an idiot (probably that one). Do share your thoughts in the comments below, also please vote in our poll.

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