This phenomenon started back in 2011 when the first in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy was published by unknown author E. L. James. Even though it isn’t a work of a literary genius, the story still blew up.

It became a housewives’ favourite as it felt like a release for all the built up sexual frustration that a lot of people have experienced. Like all books, and films, it is escapism and it is a fantasy. The reason that it worked in book form was because of the imagination. Sexual desire is extremely personal so whilst you are reading you can imagine it in as much or as little detail as you’d like.

This is Hot and Steamy!
This is Hot and Steamy!

The film was trying so hard to be seductive that it just became not sexy. Also sitting in a dark room full of strangers made the whole thing feel uncomfortable and you were almost forced to think that these specific scenes are arousing. This takes away from the imagination aspect as you are told to think of the scene playing out in this way.

Dakota Johnson was okay at playing the naïve Anastasia Steele, she was good at getting across her awkwardness, this might be aided by the fact that I haven’t seen her in anything else so I didn’t have anything to compare it to.

I wouldn't kick him out of bed for spanking!
I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for spanking!

Even though Matt Bomer was my first choice to play Christian Grey, Jamie Dornan didn’t do a bad job. He is a good actor and it helps that he isn’t bad to look at.

The acting wasn’t terrible. The two leads did an okay job at keeping and building the sexual tension. But I felt that the ensemble cast were just there and the didn’t add anything to the story unlike in the books.

One thing that the film had going for it was that it had a great soundtrack. You can’t really go wrong with The Rolling Stones, Annie Lennox and the Queen Beyoncé herself, I’ll definitely continue to listen to it.

This is how it's done!
This is how it’s done!

The film wasn’t bad but if you wanted to watch a film with BDSM I would suggest The Secretary. It is a similar storyline and is a lot sexier.