Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is more or less the start of the new DC movie universe, and it’s left us with a fair few questions. So let’s get straight into our list of 100 questions we had after watching Batman v Superman!

Obviously, this article contains major spoilers.


1 – Why did Bruce Wayne’s employees wait to for him to tell them to evacuate the building? Is he that much of a micro manager?

2 – Why did the man he spoke to on the phone wait after everybody else left?

3 – Did the little girl he saved leave her mother in the building, or did her mother leave her outside when she went to work?

4 – Why would the CIA hide a tracking device in a camera, the item most likely to be thoroughly checked by terrorists when having their pictures taken?

5 – Why wouldn’t the government just follow Lois Lane and the others using the cameras on drones? They acknowledge that they operate in that area only a few words earlier.

6 – Why would anybody think Superman used bullets to kill people?

7 – Why would Lex Luthor manufacture a unique kind of bullet at great expense that can easily be traced back to him and only him?

8 – If Lex Luthor has a way of getting illegal bullets out of the country, why does he need senate approval to get a chunk of Kryptonite into the country? Can’t he just do it the same way?

9 – Why is a weapon to defend against a global threat a local government issue, and not something to be taken to the president, or even further?

10 – Why did Clark Kent jump into the bath fully clothed? He’s Superman, so he would’ve taken his clothes off literally quicker than the human eye can see.

11 – Why did he act like he was going to surprise her with dinner, when he’d seen her in Africa, and knew exactly when she was going to be getting home?

12 – Does Perry White assign his writers areas every morning? Surely a paper the size of The Daily Planet have writers that specialise in sport, rather than it going to whoever he thinks should do it every day?

13 – How would Clarke Kent not know who Bruce Wayne is? He might not be local to Gotham city, but Bruce Wayne is a world-famous leader in industry, and Clarke Kent is a reporter.

14 – Was Lex Luthor Surprised to be called up to speak at the function he was holding? Did he really not prepare any words, or did the topic just not come up when planning the event?

15 – Could Bruce Wayne, one of the most intelligent men in the world, not think of a better reason to be in the server room at Lex’s party than he was looking for the bathroom?

16 – At an event with so much security, why was nobody guarding the unlocked door to a room that held so much sensitive information?

17 – Why would Diana Prince get an invitation to this event when Lex Luthor knew she was a meta human?

18 – Did Lex not recognise her, even after seeing her in a 100-year-old picture and making a file about her on his computer?

19 – After hearing a voice telling Bruce Wayne how to steal Lex Luthor’s information, why would Superman not pursue this lead? He was distracted by the events happening in Mexico, but would he not return straight to Gotham to find out what was happening?


20 – Where was Superman dragging that huge ship?

21 – After saving all the astronauts on the rocket that exploded (as well as countless other instances of heroism), why would people still think Superman was evil? Surely NASA are more of a target?

22 – Why would Superman wait until a public hearing to speak publicly about his intentions? If he knew there was so much hatred building, would he not address it on any medium possible?

23 – Did Lex Luthor urinate in a bottle first, then bring it to the hearing, or did he go to the hearing, then pee in a bottle?

24 – Why would anyone think Superman would use a bomb as a weapon? He has no track record of using explosives.

25 – Does it not make more sense that this explosion was an attempt on his life rather than him attacking people?

26 – Why was Lex so happy to let his personal assistant die? If she wasn’t there, it would be less suspicious than if just Lex wasn’t there.

27 – Why would Superman disappear after this attack? Wouldn’t that only raise suspicion?

28 – Why would Batman attach a tracking device to the lorry carrying the Kryptonite, only to chase them in the most violent and least stealthy way possible?

29 – Why would Batman actively crash the Batmobile into the side of the lorry, knowing that was where he’d attached the tracking device?

30 – When Batman and Superman first encountered each other, why didn’t Superman pull of his mask, and reveal his secret identity? That would give Superman the ultimate blackmailing tool, and give him an unbeatable advantage in their fight.

31 – Why did Batman trash talk Superman after he’d already left? Does he know Superman has super hearing, or was he just doing it to look cool? And if so, who was he showing off for?

32 – How does Clarke Kent still have a job? He clearly never writes the articles he’s ask to write, and he disappeared for a large chunk of time with no explanation.

33 – Why would Perry White tell Lois Lane not to pursue what is clearly a fantastic lead?

34 – Why was Diana Prince at the museum that had the fake artifact? If she knew it was a fake, why would she still show an interest in it? Was she just there taking in the culture of Gotham city? She was in the area to try to get the picture of her away from Lex Luthor, so why waste time at a museum?

35 – Did she not know that Lex would’ve taken a scan of the photo? I know she’s from a different era but surely she understands that he would make a copy in case she – a super powered being – came looking for it?

36 – Why did Lex Luthor cut off Zod’s fingerprints, instead of just cutting off his hand?

37 – If he was bringing the body with him to the ship anyway, why cut off any part of his body at all? Why not just press his full hand to the scanner?

38 – Why did the ship register Lex as a new life form? Does it recognise anything living? If a raccoon or a daffodil fell into the liquid command centre, would they also be offered command of the ship?

39 – Why would the ship offer an unfamiliar life form command of the chip anyway? If this craft was designed to take over planets in a hostile way, wouldn’t that mean if any enemies got on board, they would instantly be able to use that ship against them?


40 – Why did Bruce Wayne never think to just ask Lex Luthor what he wanted with the Kryptonite? They clearly have a prior relationship due to him being invited to Lex’s party, and he must have at least assumed he knew it could hurt Superman, otherwise he wouldn’t want it so badly. Together they would’ve been much more effective.

41 – Why did Lex think the most effective thing to do would be to kidnap Superman’s mother? If he was going to kidnap Lois Lane anyway, why not just use her as the bait?

42 – Why did his hired goons feel the need to tie up an old woman? There was two dozen of them, and they all had guns. How lethal was one old woman going to be?

43 – If they thought she too might have super powers, which they wouldn’t, because they know Superman is an alien, and she would be a registered American citizen, why would they tie her up anyway? She would be more than strong enough to break free of any rope that was tying her up.

44 – How much money would it take to convince that many people that burning an innocent old woman alive was a good idea?

45 – Why did they clean off the word ‘witch’ that they’d written on her forehead?

46 – Why would Lex Luthor, a genius and a modern man, use a Polaroid camera to take pictures? Does he not own a tablet? He wouldn’t need to worry about them being synched to the cloud, because he’s probably smart enough to know how to turn the internet off on a mobile device.

47 – Why would Lex send the only one of his men that Lois Lane would recognise to kidnap her?

48 – How long was he down there buffering the floor of that building?

49 – Why would he use the same man to kidnap Lois Lane, then send her to kill Martha Kent? Surely he has enough men to do those two separate jobs?

50 – Why did Superman go and confront Lex Luthor after he pushed her off the top of a building? Wouldn’t he want to make sure she was alright instead of leaving her with no belongings on a random street corner?

51 – Why did Lois return to The Daily Planet building after being kidnapped? She was on her way out of work when they first took her, so why go back? If she was planning on writing a story about it, wouldn’t she speak to the police first?

52 – Why was General Swanwick reluctant to help Lois go to the government regarding the bullets? He clearly had undeniable evidence that proved he was guilty.

53 – How would bringing down a billionaire that’s funding terrorism be bad for his career? Isn’t stopping terrorism one of the main parts of his job description?

54 – When Superman went to confront Batman, why didn’t he explain what was happening straight away?

55 – If Batman knew that Kryptonite was the only thing that could hurt Superman, why bother wasting time setting up the sonic cannons and the machine guns?

56 – Why didn’t Batman line those bullets with Kryptonite?

57 – How did Lex Luthor know to kidnap Lois Lane on the same night that Batman was going to turn on the bat signal?

58 – Why didn’t Superman just grab Batman and fly straight over to Lex Luthor? At one point he’s literally pushing him through a building, so why not turn around in the air and fly right back to Lex?

59 – After getting hit by a Kryptonite grenade once, why would Superman let Batman fire another one? He was slowly reloading in plain sight, then slowly taking aim.


60 – Even if he was still recovering from the first attack, why not just move a foot to the side? He was still at the other end of a large room, so surely even a non super powered being could dodge that shot?

61 – Why didn’t Batman carry the Kryptonite spear with him? Was he really so certain that he would be able to get Superman to follow him all the way to the point he’d left it?

62 – If Batman had Superman on the floor, unable to move, would he not stab him straight away, rather than swinging him around the room, smashing lots of pillars that were probably structurally integral to that building?

63 – Why did Superman refer to his mother in the third person?

64 – Can anybody get Batman to stop in his tracks just by saying the word Martha?

65 – When Lois requested a helicopter to where the action was happening, why would Perry White say they can’t afford it? Surely they have a helicopter pilot on staff, literally waiting to go at all times?

66 – Does Perry White think the activity that was happening wasn’t news worthy? Even if they weren’t sure exactly what was happening, was it not clearly a big event that at least deserved local coverage?

67 – How Does Perry White still have his job? He clearly doesn’t know what is newsworthy and what isn’t. How did he get the job in the first place?

68 – Why would Lois throw the Kryptonite spear into the water? Would she not want to dispose of it in a more permanent way than having it underneath a little bit of water in the city across the bay from where she and Superman lives?

69 – Why would Superman send Batman to go and rescue his mother? He could do it much faster and in a safer way than Batman, and once she was safe, time stops being an issue.

70 – If Batman is happy to murder people, why not just shoot all of the criminals using the cannon on the front of the Batwing? It clearly had plenty of rounds left as he used them later fighting Doomsday.

71 – Why not just let Alfred fly the Batwing and take out as many of the men as possible, then surprise them when they’re all distracted?

72 – Why did Batman choose to shoot the canister attached to the flame thrower when shooting the henchman in the head would’ve been much more effective, and not cause an explosion?

73 – How did it take Superman so long to get back to Lex Luthor that when he arrived the hour was already up?

74 – Why did Lex make Doomsday? If he knew there was an effective weapon to kill Superman in the form of Kryptonite, why create a something so dangerous that would cause so much collateral damage, including almost certainly killing him?

75 – How did Bruce Wayne get Diana Prince’s email address? If she’s been staying away from society for a hundred years, would she even have an email address? What would she use it for? Groupon vouchers?

76 – Why did Bruce Wayne write the email in the most dramatic and least efficient way possible? Would he really write a word in capitals for effect?

77 – When did Wonder Woman get changed? Did she do it by spinning around really quickly?

78 – Does she always take her armour and weapons with her everywhere she goes?

79 – Was it part of her hand luggage, or did she need to break it out of the luggage compartment of her Turkish Airlines flight?


80 – If so, how did she get it all through customs? Or does she keep it all in Gotham / Metropolis all the time?

81 – Why did Lex Luthor create little logos for each of the meta humans, rather than simply titling each folder?

82 – Why wasn’t there a folder on either Batman or Superman?

83 – Why would the scientist working on Cyborg turn off the camera when he started to come back to life, even though he had a camera set up for the sole purpose of capturing what happened while he was doing experiments?

84 – When Superman flew Doomsday out into space, why would the government feel the need to send a nuclear bomb after him? He was clearly winning, and a bomb would only get in his way.

85 – Why would Doomsday fall back to earth, but Superman not? Would that difference in weight effect gravity that much that far into orbit?

86 – Why didn’t Batman used his grenade gun straight away? He must have known it would be the only weapon that would be effective.

87 – If Wonder Woman’s sword was so effective that it cut off one of Doomsday’s arms off, why would she change to using a lasso?

88 – Did she use the lasso in the hope that it would make Doomsday tell the truth about something?

89 – Why would Lois not want Superman to take the Kryptonite spear to the fight? Did she not think about the alternative?

90 – Why did Superman hold onto the spear even after he’d stabbed Doomsday?

91 – If Doomsday comes back to life after he’s been killed and is immune to whatever killed him, would he not simply come back to life, immune to Kryptonite?

92 – Why would there be a huge public funeral for Superman when he was so widely hated by so many? If it’s because he saved the world fighting Doomsday, why did more people not support him when he saved the world fighting General Zod?

93 – Which coffin had his body in? Surely the government wouldn’t let his body be buried at the public funeral when they could do experiments on it?

94 – If it was in the coffin at the Kent farm, how did it get there without raising any suspicion?

95 – When Superman and Clark Kent both had their obituaries in the same paper, would people still not connect the dots? Not even Perry White or any of the people who worked with Clark?

96 – Did Lex Luthor turn that painting upside down himself? If he got somebody to help him, how did he answer when they asked him why?

97 – Did Batman break into what is presumably a high security prison without being noticed by anybody? I know he’s Batman but surely at least one camera or guard would pick up on him being there?

98 – Does everybody have their hair shaved when they go to prison?

99 – How does Lex Luthor know that more threats are coming from outer space? Is it just a hunch, or does he know it for a fact? If he does, why isn’t he doing more about it?

100 – How long was he standing at the bars of his cell saying ‘ding ding ding’? Was there a point that he decided he’d done it enough times, or was he eventually stopped by a guard that was getting annoyed?

What did you think about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Do you have any questions of your own about the film? Share any thoughts in the comments below.